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Business Foundation of Domino’s pizza

Question Discuss about the Business Foundation of Dominos Pizza. Answer: Introduction Dominos pizza is one of the most popular pizza chain as well as the fast food firm delivery for different varieties of pizza. In the current days, Dominos has become equivalent to quality, freshness as well as effective service. It is identified that this fast food firm has persistently been growing by leaps as well as the bounds. According to the history, Dominos is the second largest franchised pizza chain in the Australia and the history of Dominos is relevant to its rival Pizza Hut. The boxes for the pizza are specially designed to keep everything fresh and hot. With its presence across 5 different continent and more than 70 countries, the firm has generated a market leader position ( 2016). Dominos pizza comes in different size, the varieties include Country special, Mexican Green Wave Pizza, Zesty Chicken Pizza, Chicken Camembert Pizza, and the firm offers many other popular items. The firm best meets the needs and demands of the target market. Therefore, to keep the satisfied customers in the grip, Dominos is supposed to launch a new product called Butterscotch Mousse Cake, which can be served as the dessert. SWOT Table: Strengths Weaknesses Brand recall Excellent channel network Fast service and deep menu Low cost alternatives Healthier alternatives Effective supply chain management Large number of franchises Decreasing sales volume in the urban markets High employee attrition rate Opportunities Threats Market expansion Health conscious eatables Restaurants Increasing competition level in the market Changing eating habits of the potential customers Increasing cost of raw materials and operational process Table 1: SWOT analysis of Dominos (Source: Syed 2016 Findings: Strengths Brand recall As per the article by Wu, Tsai and Peng (2013) the business strategies of Dominos always focuses on the effective utilization of aggressive marketing strategies so that they can able to create major affect the mind of the customers. For instance, Dominos promotional strategy of delivery in 30 minutes otherwise free has able to create huge impact on the mind of the potential customers. As a result, whenever they are looking to purchase any pizza, they often recall the name of Dominos. Excellent channel network: Dominos has able to create strong network for capturing the world market in an effective way. Presently, Dominos have more than 10000 franchises and company owns outlets in more than 65 countries (Pepitone 2013). As a result, it often helps organization to capture the attention of the global market through the introduction of new products. Fast service and deep menu: As per the article by David (2012), Dominos always has tried to develop services that is faster than the expectation of the customers. In fact, the superior quality of provided services has allowed organization to emerge as one of the prime name in the pizza market. Furthermore, Dominos have tried to set the price range of different products in such a way so that it can able to grab the attention of the customers in an effective way. Low cost alternatives: Dominos always focuses on the effective utilization of the economic pricing strategy to gain competitive advantage in the market. However, Dominos have made conscious effort regarding the maintenance of superior quality of services and ambience level provided to the customers. It has helped to develop strong brand image in the world market. Healthier alternatives: Recently, Dominos have tried to develop products for the health conscious people for gaining competitive advantage in the market (Manikandan and Subramani 2015). For that reason, Dominos is trying to develop a separate segment of products with lesser level of fat and crusts in order to achieve sustainable growth in the market. Effective supply chain management: From the beginning, Dominos have focused on the effective utilization of supply chain procedure for achieving competitive advantage in the market. For instance, Dominos supply within 30 minutes have helped to gain huge amount of popularity in the market, which eventually has helped to develop strong brand name. Thus, it is expected that it will help to increase the profit level of the organization. Weaknesses: Large number of franchises: As mentioned earlier, Dominos have developed large number of franchise operation system for fulfilling all the requirements of the business process (Kumar 2016). As a result, it often faces difficulties to maintain coordination among different among the franchises, which directly create adverse impact on the business processes. Decreasing sales volume in the urban markets: As highlighted by Ganesan and Chandramohan (2013) people living in the urban areas are becoming more health conscious. As a result, it is actually creating challenges for Dominos to maintain their revenue level at the expected rate. In addition, it is also inducing Dominos to invest more on market research perspectives, which is eventually increasing difficulties for sustaining its position in the market. High employee attrition rate: It has been assessed that Dominos is facing challenges in retaining the employees due poor training structure and lesser opportunity to grow as a professional. Therefore, it is also creating challenges for Dominos for fulfilling all the business responsibilities in an effective manner. Opportunities: Market expansion: Presently, Dominos is primarily targeting urban areas for fulfilling the business objectives. Therefore, it can expand the business in the rural areas as well for enhancing the business level in an appropriate way. Thus, Dominos can actually target different developing countries for increasing the sales level in an appropriate manner. Health conscious eatables: As mentioned earlier, people living in the urban areas are becoming more health conscious. Therefore, if Dominos can able to launch various products for the health conscious people, it will definitely increase the business level in an appropriate way. Restaurants: Dominos also needs to focus more on the development of high quality restaurants in the urban areas so that it can able to able to provide superior quality of ambience to the customers. It actually will help to increase brand recognition in the global market. Thus, it will eventually help to increase the business level of the organization. Increasing competition level in the market: For the past few years, fast food segments is facing huge amount of competition in the global market. Therefore, it is becoming very difficult for Dominos to achieve sustainable growth in the market (Park et al. 2012). Furthermore, major competitors like Pizza Hut are also focusing on the effective utilization of different strategies for capturing the market in an effective way. As a result, it is increasing threat level for that Dominos have to face for achieving competitive advantage in the market. Changing eating habits of the potential customers: As different governments and NGOs are raising awareness regarding the significance of developing healthy eating culture, majority of the people are now looking towards eating healthy foods only. Thus, it is increasing the threat level of Dominos for fulfilling all the business objectives in an effective way. Increasing cost of raw materials and operational process: Increasing cost of raw materials like vegetables and other food ingredients have raised the production cost in an effective manner. Furthermore, maintenance cost of machineries also has increased in a major way. As a result, Dominos is facing huge amount of threat to maintain economy-pricing strategy in an effective way. Recommendation Target market- When it comes to the target market of dominos, the firm is seen to be segmenting the market based on the demographic as well as geographic factors. For example, the firm localized its menu when it entered the market of Australia. The target market of Dominos should be the areas that are highly populated such as the large cities, downturn of the city, Airport areas, shopping mall, movie theatre. These markets could be effective for launching the new product. In addition, these markets are segmented based on the demographic as well as geographic factors. Demographic segmentation- When it comes to demographic segmentation, Dominos targets the teenagers, college students, and the young adults ranging from 21 years to 35 years. The firm should focus on the middle class, upper middle as well as high and middle-income families. In addition to this, as Australia is economically developed, the Dominos also focuses on the sub-urban areas of the country. The product should be based on the culture and trends. For example, in Australia people are fond of meat such as beef and chicken; thus, it could offer the proposed dessert with heavy chicken pizza. Figure 1: Market Segmentation (Source: Kotler et al. 2015) Geographic segmentation- The organization Dominos targeted the highly populated the countries such as Australia and large Asian countries like India while launching the new product (Wilson and Gilligan 2012). As the strategy, the firm initial should focus on the tower II cities and gradually it could move on the large metro cities. Behavioral segmentation- When it comes to behavioral segmentation, the fast food chain is seen to be targeting the first time users as well as regular user or existing potential customers (Hassan and Craft 2012). Therefore, while developing this new product namely Butterscotch Mousse cake the firm considers the potential customers with the new buyers. New product description- Product: Butterscotch Mousse Cake is one of the newest items of Dominos, which would be served as dessert items with the heavy chizz and chicken pizza. This is a new cold dessert, which would be embraced by Dominos lovers. The product consists of layers of rich, fluffy butterscotch cream, delicious dark chocolate cake, which topped with the crunchy dark chocolate morsels. Though Dominos introduced many dessert items such as ice cream, soft drink and different flavored ice cream. However, the proposed item would be a new one to the customers. Figure 2: Butterscotch Mousse Cake as the dessert by Dominos (Source: 2016) Price: As the target country is economically developed, the firm would not have to be worried about the price. However, since it is a desert item, firm should rely on the economy pricing strategy. Figure 3: Marketing mix of Dominos (Source: Muhamad et al. 2012) Promotion: In order to promote the product in the market and gain popularity, Dominos offers 40% discount on the first purchase Place: When it comes to place the product, it has maintained a direct channel with the customers. The orders are taken by call and online apart from outlet orders. Customer value proposition- Among different customer value proposition, the Dominos for the current product should focus on one of the significant points such as All benefits. 1 All benefits Defined By launching this new product, Dominos could offer a series of benefits. As the new product is a desert items, it type of pizza lovers including Veg and non-Vegetarian and meat and chizz lovers could also try this new item. In addition, the firm is offering 40% discount on the first purchase of the item. Customer The customers would purchase this item as the product is developed based on trend and culture of people. Dominos lovers often look for the delicious dessert item that satisfied their appetite. In addition, 40% discount on the first purchase is a lucrative option hardly offered by the fast food firms Require As the product is supposed to be launched in the existing market, the firm is already aware of the needs of customers and strategies of competitors. Potential pitfall When it comes to desserts, the competitors such as McDonalds also offer such desert items. Thus, Dominos should not rely on only on the new customers. Justification of the choice of new product using one strategy The new product should be effective for the firm and it could bring large amount of benefits to the firm as the firm gained popularity due it fresh and healthier products which strength of Dominos. The new product would largely embraced by Dominos as it has high brand recall which is the major strength. This means, when the customers think of buying pizza, Dominos first come in their mind. On the contrary, as the sales volume is decreasing in the urban areas due to the market saturation with existing products. Therefore, it is necessary to launch a new product in low budget. References Baker, M.J. and Saren, M. eds., 2016.Marketing theory: a student text. Sage. David, F.R., 2012. Strategic Management: A Competitive Advantage Approach, Concepts and Cases. 2016.Domino's Pizza - Order Online for Pizza Delivery Takeaway. [online] Available at: [Accessed 15 Dec. 2016]. Ganesan, M. and Chandramohan, S., 2013. An empirical study on challenges of service marketers in changing business environment.International Journal of Applied Services Marketing Perspectives,2(4), p.667. Hassan, S.S. and Craft, S., 2012. Examining world market segmentation and brand positioning strategies.Journal of Consumer marketing,29(5), pp.344-356. Hollensen, S., 2015.Marketing management: A relationship approach. Pearson Education. Kotler, P., Keller, K.L., Manceau, D. and Hmonnet-Goujot, A., 2015.Marketing management(Vol. 14). Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall. Kumar, G.A., 2016. Franchisees Satisfaction Towards The FranchisorsA Study Of Domino's Pizza.Global Journal For Research Analysis,4(8). Manikandan, A. and Subramani, A.K., 2015. Customer satisfaction towards domino's pizza in ChennaiAn empirical study.EXCEL International Journal of Multidisciplinary Management Studies,5(6), pp.187-192. Muhamad, R., Melewar, T.C. and Faridah Syed Alwi, S., 2012. Segmentation and brand positioning for Islamic financial services.European Journal of Marketing,46(7/8), pp.900-921. Park, J., Cha, M., Kim, H. and Jeong, J., 2012. Managing Bad News in Social Media: A Case Study on Domino's Pizza Crisis.ICWSM,12, pp.282-289. Pepitone, J., 2013. Domino's tests drone pizza delivery.CNNMoney, June,4. Syed, I., 2016. SWOT analysis and operation management decisions of Domino's pizza. Wilson, R.M. and Gilligan, C., 2012.Strategic marketing management. Routledge. Wu, C.T., Tsai, Y.H. and Peng, J.Y., 2013. Consumers' Cognition and Satisfaction Level Toward Pizza Hut.Journal of Applied Sciences,13(21), p.4754.

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Theoretical Perspectives in Relation to Personal

Question: 1.Describe theoretical perspectives in relation to personal, social and emotional development. Analyse how theoretical perspectives in relation to personal, social and emotional development inform current frameworks? Answer: Personal development of children: Children are very important part of an individuals life and and probably the most important part of a society or nation as they are the future representatives of that particular nation or society. Therefore, right development of a child in physical emotional and personal level is very important. Modern childcare emphasize upon less tedious work and more play time for the child. Personal development of a child includes behavioral development as well as communicational development. Parents are directly involved in the personal development of children. On a daily basis, a child interacts with his/her family. He or she grows with the norms, values, beliefs and traditions of the family. Therefore, this coordination will be the most prominent factor in the childs own morals. In Qatar parents and families are now a days have become an open system and very interactive with their child. This helps increase the social skills and any behavioral issues a child may encounter in his or her life. Social development: From the very early age, children start developing social skills, which includes communicative skills as well. Children learn these skills in the early childhood from their parents and the family they belong. Parents monitor and assess their children almost every minute and the information they gather about their child and guide them according to their individual needs and interests. They provide their child the opportunity to move from one stage to the next by using rich language, good speech, communication, manners and practice hygiene. However, society also helps in a childs development. When children are exposed to schools and playgroup, they start communicating outside their family and as children are fast and very good learners they easily adopt the norms outside their family. This may influence a child in both positive and negative way depending upon what the child is learning. Emotional development: Emotional development of a child depends upon four primary factors; the family they are raised in, the culture they belong to, the early experiences they encounter and if they face any biological challenge. Biological challenge may be either physical or mental. In both the cases children face difficulty communicating to others of their age and their emotional development may suffer for it. There are many institutes and organizations in Qatar, who deal with disabled children. Parents may seek their help while raising such children. No matter whether the child is physically and mentally sound or not it is very important to deal with a childs physical and emotional need with patience and care. References: Dowling, M., 2014.Young children's personal, social and emotional development. Sage. Huang, J., Sherraden, M., Kim, Y. and Clancy, M., 2014. Effects of child development accounts on early social-emotional development: an experimental test.JAMA pediatrics,168(3), pp.265-271. Neihart, M., Pfeiffer, S. and Cross, T., 2015.The social and emotional development of gifted children: What do we know Sourcebooks, Inc.. Keenan, T., Evans, S. and Crowley, K., 2016.An introduction to child development. Sage.

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During The Seventeenth, Eighteenth And Part Of The Essays

During the Seventeenth, Eighteenth and part of the Nineteenth Century the White people of North America used the Black people of Africa as slaves to benefit their interests. White people created a climate of superiority of their race over the Black African race that in some places, still lingers on today. The American Civil War however, was a key turning point for the Black African race. Through their actions and the political actions of President Lincoln and his administration, Black Africans set a presedent for their freedom, equality and liberation. A very important aspect of Blacks proving themselves was that of the Black Man acting as a soldier in the Civil War. During the Civil War the official decision to use Blacks as soldiers in the Union Army was a slow gradual process and a series of strategic political decisions. The actual use of Blacks as soldiers in the Union Army was completed by a series of actions the Black Man performed that won him the respect of becoming a soldier. The two differ in that it was to President Lincoln's benefit to enlist Blacks as soldiers when he did. Whereas the later was the Black Man's will to fight for his freedom and prove himself as an equal human being. However, because the Black population was barred from entering the army under a 1792 law(4) the Black Man becoming a soldier was not officially recognized until late 1862. "There was strong anti-Black prejudice among most people in the free states, and in the loyal slave states the idea of arming the Black man was anthema"(1). This statement directly reflects the generally held fear White people had about putting Blacks on the fighting line of the armies in the Civil War. Whites felt that the Civil War was a war started upon the White Man's issues and what possible reason would the Black Man have for wanting to fight in this war. On the contrary The Black Man saw The Civil War as an opportunity to win freedom and gain respect(2). Blacks in the North who were free from slavery willingly pledged their service to fight in the Union Army however, their allegiance was denied by President Lincoln on political grounds. Lincoln realized that the issue of Black soldiers would be intolerable by the public and would not be accepted. Initially, the Union Army utilized Northern Blacks from the free states to relieve Whites from daily tasks that were essential to maintain the armies, thus freeing up White soldiers for battle. As the Union Armies began to move further into Confederate territory however, they encountered many runaway slave Blacks. These Blacks were the ones that contributed most to the Union effort. This was true for two reasons. First, there were many more Blacks in the South compared to the North, roughly four million compared to two hundred thousand. Secondly, the Black people in the South had more at stake, once they left the Confederate side to join The Union there was no turning back. Not only would they be deemed as trators but runaways as well and were likely to face death if they where caught.(3) In the beginning, when Union Armies would encounter runaway slaves they would either hold them until their owner retrieved them or they would return these people to the proper Confederate Officials(1). This became a major burden to the Union. Many generals did not want to be regarded as "slave catchers" they realized their duty to be much more. Because of this obstacle many Commanders enlisted the runaway Blacks for their services without the consent of the Lincoln Administration. One instance in particular, a precedent was set that would change the policy of using Blacks in the Union army. Brig. Gen. Benjamin Butler had encountered several runaway slaves. When A Confederate Officer under a flag of truce had come to retrieve the slaves, Butler refused on the grounds that slaves used by the Confederate Army during war was no different than the use of machinery or any other tool to aid in their progress. Therefore, the Slaves would be considered contraband just as any other tool would be(2). Shortly after this precedent was set The Lincoln Administration passed The Confiscation Act which stated that all Blacks encountered in confederate territory were to be taken in and used at the Commanders descretion(1). This proved to be a great help to the Union Army while a huge blow to the Confederates. The Union was gaining manpower in direct proportion to the Confederates loosing it. This alone played a huge factor in the success of the Union Armies. Eventually the confiscation of

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Was Mao Zedong Correct to Argue Political Power Grows out of the Barrel of a Gun

Was Mao Zedong Correct to Argue Political Power Grows out of the Barrel of a Gun Introduction â€Å"Ideology is the most elusive concept in the whole of social science†, this quote captures the difficulty in defining an ideology (McLellan 1995). We can identify ideologies based on the words used to describe them. People subscribed to the capitalism ideology will use words that express freedom of commerce and market price determination among other aspects of the ideology (Sargent 2009).Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Was Mao Zedong Correct to Argue â€Å"Political Power Grows out of the Barrel of a Gun†? specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More According to Glebov, Mao Zedong referred to the forceful nature in which leaders have to impose their ideologies on populations when he said, â€Å"political power grows out of the barrel of a gun† (1979). Mao Zedong was the leader of the Chinese Communist Party that assumed power after an arms struggle. According to Mao, the only way to gain power is to prove you are stronger and defeat the opponent in war (Glebov 1979). Mao Zedong, the Little Red Book and Cultural Revolution Mao Zedong was born in 1893 to peasant parents in China and served in the revolutionary army of china in 1911 (Spartacus Educational n.d.). Mao was a poet and political leader besides being the founder of the Peoples republic of China based on his ideologies of flexible pragmatism and visions viewed as utopian. Mao wrote extensively speeches, essays and poems and published 40 poems (Liukkonen 2008). His sayings and attributions are captured in an anthology called the Little Red Book that became the main text of the Cultural Revolution. The Little Red Book is also referred to as the Chinese Bible or Mao Bible (Sachsenmaier n.d.). Mao Zedong launched the Cultural Revolution in 1996 while serving his last decade as the Chinese People’s Party leader. He wanted to shift the Chinese ideology development to take a more communist approach. His main aim was to make all social systems in China less elitist, an end he pursued through mobilization and staging of revolutions using urban youths ( n.d.). He also set up a coalition of loyal leaders to work besides him. The cultural revolution demonstrated the forceful nature needed to change ideological systems in place; however, the cultural revolution brought bureaucratic timidity in the government, as policy makers knew a system change outplaces all previously done work and personnel. During the revolution, in fighting within the Chinese Peoples party led by Mao factions and his successor Lins factions caused the return of normalcy in the Chinese society to delay further ( n.d.). The attempt by Lin to hijack the leadership of the ideological transformation of the Chinese society from Mao was thwarted after Lin died in 1971 he aborted his plot to assassinate Mao. Shortly after Lins death, his loyal military command was destroyed. The death of Lin as the front crusader of the Mao ideology left the Chinese people feeling used in the political power game.Advertising Looking for essay on political sciences? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Mao was interested in preserving his ideology through a suitably groomed successor to fill the gap left by Lin. During the period after Lins death and before Maos death, political backing shifted back and forth from Jiang Qing and the Zhou-Deng group. The two factions had separate ideologies of xenophobia and a pragmatic foreign policy respectively ( n.d.). During the 2-year period before Maos death in 1976, the radicals favoring Jiang Qing staged chaotic campaigns to criticize the ideologies and policies of Zhou and managed to convince Mao that such policies would eventually topple him out of power. In order to safeguard his political power and ideology embodied in the Cultural Revolution, Mao sanctioned a formal propa ganda using posters to discredit the Zhou-Deng group and later succeeded in purging the group in April 1976. The Mao ideologies were defeated after his death in September 1976 when a combination of military leaders, police and political leaders purged Maos leading followers ( n.d.). How political ideologies work Political parties form political ideologies; however, they become autonomous after formulation. Once formed, other political groups are free to adopt the political ideologies. While political ideology reflects specific elements in a political party, it also forms a notable variable that adds to the growth and operations of a political system. Political ideologies allow power to be legit and make it an authority. This happens when a community adopts them. What constitute ideologies are myths and symbols. Therefore, ideologies are modifiable (Cohen 1969). Today, forceful assumption of power by political group is not common as it was in the 1960s. Most developed and developing countries of the world have adopted a democratic system of government that bases its politics on either democratic capitalism or democratic socialism. The rise of democratic government systems has meant that political groupings have to participate in an election process and win in order to assume power of ruling a country. This fact might imply to the reader that there is no longer a need for a forceful takeover of political power as was in the case during Mao Zedong’s political party takeover as the new government of China. Although literally the fact is true, there are hidden aspects of forceful realization of political power. It would be an understatement to say that current use of the gun to get political power is not as fierce as it was when Mao Zedong wrote the little red book (Gearon 2006).Advertising We will write a custom essay sample on Was Mao Zedong Correct to Argue â€Å"Political Power Grows out of the Barrel of a Gun†? specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More It is a mistake to equate democratic elections with a change of ideology. Democratic elections allow participation by parties that subscribe to the democratic ideology; therefore, the elections only serve as rotational changes on the people in power. Different political parties hold different elements of the same democratic ideology. Therefore conflicts or oppositions arise that result to varied opinions and support during elections (Cohen 1969). The formation of a political system that governs everything in a nation is what Mao Zedong referred to as power. A political system does not change after an election as noted in the previous paragraph. In addition, there are no defined ways of changing a political system. Such a system exists because of political ideologies and followers of a specific ideology feel that there exists no other ideology true as theirs. One cannot therefore expect to approach an established system a nd change it without facing resistance. Since political systems allow individuals to rule over others, and that those holding the political ideology in place will not take lightly any thought of replacing their political system. The adversity that arises out of the firmness of the existing political system, to maintain status quo, warrants only one last option of a political system change, violent force (Glebov 1979). Ideologies are mere belief and powerless unless they are mass accepted. They become respectable and worthy of considering when already there are a number of people subscribed to the ideology. Without political power, ideologies appear to be utopian thoughts. Proponents of political ideologies without political power describe their ideologies in terms of an ideal time when the ideologies will come into place and govern everyone’s way of living. Before the communist party seized power in China, it embodied ideal communist ideologies. Its leader, Mao Zedong, appear ed as an idealist. This was simply because the party envisioned a time when everyone was equal and all resources shared equally for the good of all citizens. Such an ideal environment based on the communist principles has never materialized (Sargent 2009). In the current world, democratic ideologies are shaping up most political systems. The idea of a rule by the majority has won favor across the world. Previously, purely communist systems are allowing democratic ideas to infiltrate their base ideologies. As a result, former communist systems are now showing characteristics of a social democratic system. The rule of the majority whether actualized or implied might have won over other ideologies because of the might held in the majority. It is plainly evident in any society that when the majorities are in favor, the minority out of favor have little they can do other than join the majority (Sargent 2009).Advertising Looking for essay on political sciences? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More How Political Ideologies Retain their Power The democratic ideology operates as a dictatorship of a few over the majority. Even though democratic system claims to be a rule of the majority, closer look at the system reveals that once elected into power, political parties and politicians run the country in the best way that will ensure they win the next election. The policies and strategies they adopt when running the country ideally should assist to boost the economy in such a way that living standards improve. Citizens are in favor with the party when the economy is doing well. However, other than the economy, other social welfare factors dictate the favorability of a political party among the citizens of a country. These include other non-political ideologies such as religious ideologies and economic ideologies. In order for a political party to stay in favor with the majority of the citizens, it has to ensure that none of the unfavorable ideologies grows among its citizenry (Mill er 1981). To achieve the ideal setting where there is no ideological opposition, political parties campaign for and come up with laws that ban or restrict the ideologies identified as enemies of maintaining the status quo in the political system. Other than outright bans, and in an effort to remain democratic, such restrictions pass through the provided systems of changing laws. In most democratic systems, these are parliament, and the state. Judiciary forms a dispute resolution mechanism in the case where citizens feel aggrieved by the actions of the government. However, the extent to which the citizenry can disown laws through the judiciary is limited to confinement with the country’s constitution (Miller 1981). The countries constitution forms the principle pillar that holds the political system together. The constitution governs all that is lawful and unlawful in the country. Amendment of a constitution only happens when the majority is in favor in democratic systems. In other systems like communism, and monarchies the rulers have the power to change their countries constitutions. Since monarchies and communist political systems already infer power to their rulers to change constitutions as it suits them, it has never occurred that a ruler has changed the overall political system from one ideology to another. In most cases, rulers only include changes that strengthen their rule as well as expand their territories. On the democratic constitution change issue, prohibition of differing ideologies ensures that amending the constitution to come up with laws biased against the existing political ideology is impossible (Miller 1981). In all social institutions, the ruling class enjoys better living standards than the non-ruling class. Such a disparity arises out of the human need to satisfy their basic wants before they consider that of others. The satisfaction of needs and wants of the ruling class blinds them to the plight of the poor non-ruling class. T his happens because the ruling class does not face the daily challenges that the non-ruling class go through. In most cases, the rulers separate their residents from the rest. As societies advance, more social class stratification emerges. New social tensions appear out of class differences. The poor view that the rich are wealthy because of exploiting them, while the rich feel that their political power rests on their ability to be rich and therefore see the poor as a threat. When the poor are not the majority in such a system, a status quo may exist for a defined period until the poor become the majority (Gearon 2006). When the poor are the majority, they possess enough mass will power to inverse the social class setting of resource allocation. In such societies, where the poor majority want the power to have a say in wealth creation while the rich minority do not want to let go their political power that comes with the wealth, tensions erupt in to violent struggles. The emergence of a leader among the revolvers is a mere consequence of populations to being organized under one leadership and does not infer that the leader is the originator of the new ideology fought for by the population. For example, Mao Zedong led the 1949 war of china that led to the China Communist Party claim to power; however, he was not the originator of the communist ideology. Mao followed the ideas expressed by Lenin who fought a similar war leading the poor majority to capture power in Russia (Glebov 1979). As previously noted the barrel of the gun in current world political setting is money. Ruling political parties are able to maintain the political system by having a tight control of what their citizenry access to in terms of ideology. While the majority touts democracy as freedom for all, in actual practice it is a mass obedience of a political ideology that makes any differing belief questionable and in some cases punishable. Democratic systems allow indirect forcing of belief s upon their electorate. Such forceful ways used by the ruling class ensure that there is little or no opposition to their regime (Miller 1981). Conclusions To sum up, political ideologies form the basis of forming political systems. Political systems offer the rulers power over their citizenry. A considerable large population has to subscribe to an ideology for it to have a meaningful influence. The nature of belief is that its believers view each as the truth; therefore, the only way to replace political ideologies is to overthrow the regimes holding on to that ideology. Such an accomplishment is only possible through use of violent force. Mao Zedong was right arguing, â€Å"Power grows out of the barrel of a gun† (Glebov 1979). Reference List Cohen, A 1969, Custom politics in urban Africa: a study of Hausa migrants in Yoruba towns, University of California press, Berkeley, LA. Gearon, L 2006, Freedom of expression and human rights: historical, literal and political contex ts, Sussex Academic Press, Portland, OR. Glebov, V 1979, Maoism, words and deeds, Sterling, New Delhi., n.d., The Cultural Revolution. Web. Liukkonen, P 2008, Mao Zedong (1893-1976). Web. McLellan, D 1995, Ideology, 2nd edn, University of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis. MN. Miller, A S 1981, Democratic dictatorship: the emergent constitution control, Greenwood Press, Santa Clara, CA. Sachsenmaier, D n.d., The Little Red Book. Web. Sargent, L T 2009, Contemporary political ideologies; a comparative analysis, Wadsworth, Belmont, CA. Spartacus Educational, n.d. Mao Zedong. Web.

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British Airways and Virgin Atlantic Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

British Airways and Virgin Atlantic - Essay Example Ownership of many airline companies is shifting from government to private hands British Airways (BA) is a leader in airline industry which carries more than 27 millions passengers a year. This company obtains strong market position maintaining high standards of performance. It becomes possible because of improvements and innovation strategy provided by the company recent years. BA delivers scheduled passenger services which accounted for approximately 83% of all its operations. It is flying to over 550 destinations, and a fleet of 340 aircraft. "Its mainline fleet also currently includes 7 Concordes, 71 Boeing 747s, 38 Boeing 777s, 21 Boeing 767s, 48 Boeing 757s, 83 Airbus A318/319/320s in service or on order, and 52 Boeing 737s" (British Airways: Short description 2001). As airline industry becomes mature, BA has focused on market share and how it can be gained. Contracting out of services including aircraft handling, ticketing, baggage handling to third parties are the main difference between BA and other companies. The company employs about 65,157 people. Th e company offers four classes of service: World Traveller (Economy Class) and World Traveller Plus (Premium Economy), Club World (Business Class) and FIRST (First Class) (British Airways: Short description 2001). Virgin Atlantic is also a UK-based company operatin... Virgin Atlantic Virgin Atlantic is also a UK-based company operating on the market since 1982. It attracts its customers by exceptional service and standards. It is the second largest UK carrier and the third largest European airline. The marketing strategy applied by Virgin Atlantic is essentially a matching process between the needs and expectations of customers, and the organization's ability and capacity to satisfy them. For this matching process to take place successfully, Virgin Atlantic understands who is the customer and what value is required, and how best to deliver this value on a sustainable basis in line with the organization's overall corporate objectives. The company proposes three classes of service: Economy, Premium Economy and Upper Class. It invested in development of customer service in order to optimize performance and deliver customer satisfaction. (Virgin Atlantic. Students Information Pack. 2006) Approaches to Marketing Both companies are dynamically evolving entities operating within a dynamically evolving environment influenced by political changes and economic fluctuations: fuel prices, trade union policies and terrorist attacks. For BA and Virgin Atlantic marketing depends upon effective marketing system. Both companies employ different approaches to marketing and a business philosophy to sustain strong position of the market and compete with each other (Johnson, Scholes, 1998). Marketing Mix Product (Service) BA business philosophy includes reward strategies and insensitive schemes for regular passengers with free flights and services. The main target group of BA under this program is Business Class and First Class passengers. In

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Social Research Problem and Method Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Social Problem and Method - Research Paper Example And the problem gets further complicated when it is seen that health care prices are rising rapidly, making them unaffordable to most of the masses. Such psychology of the masses can only be uncovered through sociological research. Statistics tell that around 50 million US nationals do not have a health insurance in place, which is around 15% of the whole population. The percentages of people not willing to go for health insurance are growing with time. Moreover, the number of children among those not covered by health insurance is also high, around 18%. This is becoming a grave issue and needs to be researched on, since such a significant portion of the population is unsheltered by no health insurance. The working family of today is that which is earning sufficient enough to survive in today’s age of ever increasing prices. In such an environment, they decide to cut down on costs for health, because it is a double-digit increase in health insurance, in buying medicines, in visiting doctors. If inflation is there, the health care costs are outrunning it by 5 more times, which is a hefty loop. Employers are making this further difficult by removing the shelter of the corporation from employees, who are already working hard for their pays. (Soroka, 1994) It is seen that nowadays, employers are increasingly transferring the cost of health care and health insurance on the already-burdened shoulders of their employees. This increases the amount of deductions from the employees salary, leaving them with less disposable income, and making them negatively inclined towards a health insurance plan. Employers are now making deductions from pay when money is needed for treatment. The research conducted under the division of sociological research can be divided into two types, quantitative methods and qualitative methods. We will be focusing on the quantitative methods, and will be conducting surveys through questionnaires to gauge the

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British and American Comedy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

British and American Comedy - Essay Example Bridget gets stuck between Daniel’s attractive personality and Mark’s close associations with her. This dilemma of Bridget gets solved through the information she learns from her mother about the real truth of the conflict between Daniel and Mark. Bridget learns that Daniel owing to his flirting character had contributed to breaking the relationship between Mark and Mark’s wife. Thus successfully coming out of the dilemma she decides to stay on with Mark (Maguire, 2001). Dilemma to Comedy In my perception, Bridget Jones’s Diary is truly a romantic comedy. Bridget in her relationship with the two people Daniel and Mark shows a reflection of good amount of emotion and romance, which culminates to putting her into dilemma. The movie in the midst of a romantic whirlpool becomes successful in portraying a comedian character of Bridget Jones. Bridget who frequently takes into alcohol and cigarettes takes the pledge to reduce her overweight. The way Bridget recor ds the same in her diary attracts attention in making it as one of best comedy films. Further, the film has employed many funny dialogues, which owing to their simplicity and straightforwardness made it have a comedy appeal. The flirting activities, which Bridget carries on out of her fantasy for her boss, Daniel Cleaver, also encourage a sense of comic actions. The comedy is best exposed in a boat scene where Daniel in an endeavor to balance himself between two boats one run by him and the other by Bridget loses balance and eventually falls into water. Bridget Jones Diary earns success in becoming a comedian film also because of the way the characters are portrayed in the movie. Bridget’s character enacted by Renee Zellweger has become the main... This essay stresses that  Bridget Jones is stuck in a real dilemma for the existence of two men in her life, Daniel and Mark. Daniel turns out to be her boss and Mark is the person whom she meets at the Christmas Party hosted by her parents. Bridget Jones in the initial stage in more busy involved in a relationship with Daniel Cleaver who also reflects a kind of possessiveness over girls and woman. Bridget despite knowing the fact that Daniel is an occasional flirter continues to share a strong relationship with him by going to dates.  According to the paper findings  the main roles in the movie Some Like It Hot is played by Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon. Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon in the movie play the roles of two musicians who were struggling to settle their career and earn a better livelihood. The names of the musicians, which Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon portray in the movie, are that of Joe and Jerry. However, these people in a search for a better life and h ave become the center of chase having seen a murder make an endeavor to flee to Florida. The uniqueness in the portrayal of their character involves the turnaround where these two persons, Joe and Jerry decide to hide their original identity and join a musical band group maintained by girls. Joe and Jerry in their disguise name themselves as Josephine and Geraldine respectively. Marilyn Monroe on the other hand known as ‘Sugar Kane’ in the movie plays the role of a principal vocalist and plays a musical instrument for the band.